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    Hotel Transylvania

    Fri, 13th Jul at 10:15pm UAE

    A getaway for monsters, Hotel Transylvania, run by Dracula, is a place where humans are banned. Jonathan, a human, stumbles into the hotel and Dracula schemes to hide him!

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    Marley & Me

    Thu, 19th Jul at 9:45pm UAE

    John & Jenny Grogan adopt Marley, a neurotic Labrador pup with boundless energy! Their lives are turned upside down! A heartwarming tale of acceptance and unconditional love.

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    Shrek 2

    Sat, 21st Jul at 10pm UAE

    Shrek and Fiona are invited by Fiona’s parents to a ball. Her father enlists the help of Fairy godmother to separate them. It is up to Shrek to foil their plans.

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    Kung Fu Panda 2

    Fri, 27th Jul at 10pm UAE

    Po, a bumbling Panda and Kung Fu enthusiast, is unwittingly selected as the ‘Dragon Warrior’’. Join Po as he trains under Master Shifu to become a Kung Fu master!


Thursday July 19 , 2018 UAE Timing
Hotel Transylvania 12:00am
Pokemon Heroes 2:15am
Flushed Away 3:45am
Saving Santa 6:00am
Ella Enchanted 8:15am
Marley & Me: The Puppy Years 10:00am
Matilda 2:30pm
Pokemon Heroes 4:15pm
Ant Boy 2: Revenge Of The Red Fury 5:30pm
K-9 Adventures: Legend of the Lost Gold 7:00pm
Moonbeam Bear And His Friends 8:30pm
Marley & Me: The Puppy Years 9:45pm
From Up On Poppy Hill 11:45pm